Rückblick workshop „ritual e musicalidade“

Am ersten Wochenende im Oktober haben wir den Workshop „ritual e musicalidade“ in München veranstaltet. Dabei sind wir in die Musikalität der Capoeira eingetaucht und haben durch Kurse der Mestres Mestre Paulo Siqueira (Capoeira Angola Nzinga), Mestre Careca (CCCB) und Kapacete (Senzala) die Unterschiedlichen Rhythmen, Rituale und Bewegungen der Capoeira Angola, Capoeira Regional und der Gruppe Senzala aufgezeigt bekommen.

Wir bedanken uns bei allen Teilnehmern!

From 1st to 3rd of October, we celebrated „ritual e musicalidade“ a workshop with Mestre Paulo Siqueira, Mestre Careca and Mestre Kapacete.

Mestre Paulo Siqueira, born in Rio de Janeiro, is one of the pioneers of Capoeira in Europe. He came to Germany in the 1980s and founded the group „Capoeira Angola Nzinga“ in Hamburg, Hanover and Kiel. In 1987, he initiated the „Capoeira Summer Meeting“ one of the first and biggest Capoeira meetings in Europe. Today, he lives in Hamburg and works on a book about the history of Capoeira in Europe.

Gilmar Caldas Suarez or Mestre Careca, native from Salvador de Bahia, founded in 2006 the „Centro Cultural Capoeira Baiana-CCCB“, that is enganged in promoting, preserving and practicing the principles, methodologies and traditions of Capoeira Regional Baiana, based on the teachings of Mestre Bimba. He teaches Capoeira for over 20 years outside of Brazil and today lives in the city of Guimaraes in Portugal.

Alexandre Medina Dos Santos, in the Capoeira world known as Mestre Kapacete started practicing Capoeira with the age of 12 in the city of Teresopolis (Rio de Janeiro/Brazil). Since then, he has travelled to many countries teaching Capoeira to children and adults. He now resides in Graz, Austria and represents „Grupo Senzala“ there.

For more information, contact us: urucungo@outlook.de

All events will take place according to the local covid19 measures. It is obligatory to present either a covid-19 vaccination certification, a certificate of recovery or a negative test result.

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